Who Has Not Trembled At Their Name (run)

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GM: User:Ring Runners:
RVP: 13
Date: 27 March 2019

A mystery broker reaches out into the shadows to find noble heroes who will stand up for the little guy.

The team convenes at Baron von Koffee, where they meet the little guy - Mr. Johnson, leader of The Hecubites, truly bottom-feeders of the gang world. His operation has been continuously hit by well-equipped and relentless go-gangers that he doesn't recognise, and he wants it to stop - but unfortunately he does not have any money at all.

The team reluctantly agree to help out and start to stake out Hecubite turf up in Redmond's Plastic Jungle. Reviewing some footage of the gang attack, they realise that the go-gang is absurdly equipped - brand new racing and combat bikes and clean clothes, to say the least, and a uniform straight out of the trid that doesn't match up with any group on the radar. Figuring that they're rich kid thrill-gangers, the team decide to stalk them to their base of operations - Miss Chief manages to slip a stealth tag on to one of the bikes during a drive-by raid, and they begin to follow. Arsonist realises that they've picked up a tail, and unable to hack the vehicle following them, S1M manages to lose them with some quick maneuvering. They regain the trail only to find the tailing van ahead of them, also apparently tracking the bikers.

As the trail crosses into Snohomish, the team are forced to switch vehicles to get Arsonist's bombs through checkpoints - they regain the scent in Everett, where they find that the tagged bike is parked in a walled mansion near the Mill Creek Country Club. S1M starts cracking the front gate, quickly realising that the security devices are slaved to a fairly chunky host. Hacking away at the gate, S1M draws the attention of the security spider who manages to mark and trace his icon just as he opens the gate, starting the countdown to the police arriving. With time no longer on their side, Arsonist and Miss Chief rush inside, wedge the gate open and tear the mansion's garage door down with a monofilament chainsaw. They wheel the pristine, still-warm Yamaha Kaburaya into the driveway and blow it up with a fairly substantial bomb.

Fleeing the scene, they dodge drones, patrol cars and even a patrolling T-bird, pass some footage of the explosion to Mr. Johnson - who posts it on the Matrix telling their assailants that this is just a warning shot - and the team pack up and go home. What could possibly go wrong?

The Little People

Who Has Not Trembled At Their Name (run)