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Gender Male
Race Human
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 3.4
Primary Role Decker
Secondary Role Face
Character Sheet [[1]]
Player User: GrazalThruka


Decker/Professional Trix Gamer with a side of Face. Wisp is also a data collector, and claims to be able to find data on any topic


Hackerman: Need I say more?

Gh0stInTheMachin3: Wisp’s competive gaming pseudonym makes excessive use of leet speak, and he’s utterly unashamed of that fact

The Man Behind the Deck: It’s so much easier to be an overly confident braggart when you’re on the internet


Let’s just go a little deeper, shall we?: Wisp is always willing to dive just a little further into the host to get a few more choice pieces of Paydata

My Sister’s Keeper: Wisp views himself as personally responsible for Ashley’s welfare, as her older brother. She doesn’t really feel the same way, as it’s a difference of a couple minutes.

Don’t SWAT me bro: Gh0stInTheMachin3 has made plenty of enemies in the professional gaming scene, and some might want revenge

Notable Qualities


Master Debater: Wisp takes a formulaic approach to arguing, and it's crushingly effective

Online Fame: Gh0stInTheMachin3 is Wisp's alter-ego, a semi-professional Galaxy Ten Player

Prime Data Haven Membership: A few solid years of data collecting has put Wisp in touch with Jackpoint

Perfect Time

Quick Config

Profiler: It's much easier to get into someone's head when you've already been there

Did You Just Call Me Dumb?: Wisp can be a little condescending when he goes into negotiation mode, and it can sometimes rub people the wrong way

Dry Addict (Psyche, Moderate): During his spider days, Wisp made excessive use of Psyche. He's recovering

Electronic Witness: Part of his constant drive to gather information, Wisp takes note of everything that goes on around him

Latest and Greatest: Wisp loves his tech, and constantly buys more of it

Social Appearance Anxiety 2: The suit makes the man, and Wisp lives by that.

Speed Reading

Just RPed:


Curiosity Killed The Cat


Wisp was born to rich, magical parents. His twin sister Ashley showed their parent's magical talent from a young age, so much of his parents attention was directed onto her. Wisp spent most of his time in the matrix, and taught himself the art of martix gaming and, to a lesser exent, decking. Taking on the moniker Gh0stInTheMachin3, he began competing in Xipper's professional gaming competitions. He and Ashley were good friends. However, she left for a mage college on her sixteenth birthday. Wisp still keeps in touch with her. Wisp left his parents on his eighteenth birthday. He worked as a spider for a A Corp for a few years, but his curiosity got the best of him, and he saw a file he should've even had access to. He was jailed indefinitely, but Ashley managed to hire runners to break him out after hearing the news. Wisp covered her tracks afterwards, and burnt his criminal SIN. Wisp decided that the only job for someone with his talents was Shadowrunning. He found himself a fixer, and descended into the shadows.

Appearance and Style

In meatspace, Wisp is usually well-groomed and well-dressed. He carries himself with a reserved and observant air, always watching. He’s usually very quiet, but capable of stunning displays of social cunning. Within the matrix, all of the reservedness is gone, instead replaced by exceptional bravado and daring. He’s still a sleaze decker, but takes risks galore in order to secure that extra bit of paydata. His icon is even better dressed than he is, and has very little flair, hacking with a digital cyberdeck


Wisp hopes to earn enough money for him and his sister to retire. He also dreams of buying his own host, filling it with incredible amounts of stolen secrets, and releasing it to the world upon his death.


Reigning champion of the Gamezcash Galaxy Ten league

Alec Kennet, Criminal SIN, Burnt

His natural identity, Alec Kennet was a spider who reportedly died in an eco-terrorist matrix attack in 2076. In actuality, his biometrics were swapped with that of a deceased SINless. Shortly after Wisp disappeared from prison.

Keiran Park, R5 Fake SIN

A doctor and software developer, Keiran Park is the model citizen.


Wisp's gaming identity, Gh0stInTheMachin3 is a champion Galaxy Ten player and reasonably good at many other games to boot

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Dr. Spicy Steve2
Dr. Jessica Zhao2
Adam Bellefleur Washington2
Ashley Kennet6

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
26 January 2018 21:30:00Just Another Way To Die: A Door Left OpenAngel
31 January 2018And YouPhoenix
31 August 2018We're Not On Borrowin' TermsIce Hawk
8 October 2018A Day In The Life Of Wan Pt 5Wan
16 April 2019When After All, It Was You And MeBrick
War Doll


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Name: Wisp Chargen: Prime

Awakened: Mundane

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