Contact Abilities

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  • What are friends for? At loyalty 4, if, at the beginning of the month, you owe this contact exactly one chip, you no longer owe them that chip. You can have multiple contacts with this ability, and they all work.
  • Mr. Johnson You can't increase this contact's loyalty with downtime.
  • It’s Cerulean At Loyalty 3, Alphonse will use his disguise skill for a chip (as a service contact). He'll also share his knowledge of clothing at no chip cost (as a legwork contact). For a chip, he will make you duplicate uniforms if you get him a picture within 24 hours.
  • You Are Safe Now At Loyalty 5, If you can get to the NaN border, Amara will get you over it, and into a political safehouse for up to her connection in days.
  • So I Heard You Liked... At Loyalty 2, Andre doesn't cost a chip to find any kind of gear up to availability 16.
  • BFF At loyalty 5, Arashi's loyalty can't be reduced except by betrayal.
  • Omnicure: At loyalty 4, for a chip, Arif can admit an NPC to a rehabilitation program for Renfield-induced Essence Degradation. The specifics, including success, and Essence regained, if any, are left up to the GM.
  • General Crime Supplies Getting gear of availability 12 or less doesn't cost a chip, no matter what kind of gear it is.
  • The Back, Back Room At Loyalty 4, Arjun will let you into one of his back, back rooms: secure, anonymous rooms that you can use for legwork or other purposes.
  • Read the damn dossier At loyalty 4, for a chip, Blue Shift will try to get you a dossier on a target. If she succeeds, the dossier usually gives you at least a +1 bonus to social rolls with the target.
  • Chester's Kebab Palace: At Loyalty, 2 Chester will allow you to do legwork from his greasy kebab shop in Redmond. If the team does legwork at Chester's Kebab Palace, they get a single point of floating edge only usable on knowledge skills relating to crime or illicit activity. You also get to enjoy the best kebabs this side of Touristville!
  • We also do takeout: At Loyalty 5, Your Redmond boltholes have their Comforts & Necessities increased by 1, up to a maximum of 3.
  • The Objectively Best Weapon Type At Loyalty 3, Chiron will find laser weapons for you at no chip cost.
  • Training Montage At Loyalty 5, Chiron will grant you another training slot while instructing you in Exotic Weapon: Laser Weapons
  • Housecalls(Falcon Shifter) At loyalty 5, Chirp will come to you, if he can, for medical services. As a falconine shifter with a few magic tricks, he has ways of getting in and out unseen if need be.
  • Imbuements R Us When imbuing foci, she'll teamwork you
  • Detachment You can't increase this contact's loyalty with downtime.
  • You Are Safe Now At Loyalty 5, if you can get to Everett, D.Bear will hide you in his shifter safe places (it might not always be houses), for up to his connection in days.
  • I Have Gained Nothing By Enlightenment At Loyalty 5, while this contact instructs you, you gain an extra training slot. You can't get more than one extra training slot from contacts in any given month.
  • And Then They Would Fear You At 6 loyalty, you gain 2 street cred. You can’t gain street cred from a contact again until your street cred falls below 1.
  • Really, Don't Ask At loyalty 3, Doc Flesh will dispose of bodies that you bring him. He doesn't ask questions, and neither should you.
  • Housecalls(VAMPIRE) At loyalty 5, Doc Flesh will come to you, if he can, for medical or (limited) disposal services -- but only at night. As a vampire that can turn into mist, he can get into a lot of places.
  • We Can Rebuild Him At loyalty 4, you gain access to a deltaware clinic, and can have deltaware installed. Contacts must have at least 7 connection to use this power. (The cost of installation is already included in the price.)
  • In Pristine Condition Will pay you for captured alive awakened critters (price is GM discretion)
  • Organlegger At Loyalty 2, Dr. Zhao will dispose of unconscious or dead bodies that you bring her, no questions asked.
  • "Of COURSE I've got drugs." Dr. Spicy Steve specialises in augmentations and medical equipment/drugs. If something falls under any of those categories, he can treat is as his speciality.
  • "Coulda sworn I had one somewhere." If Dr Steve fails an availability roll, he can try again without waiting. He can only do this once per month.
  • Not Too Shabby, Kid At loyalty 5, asking around and networking cost one less chip