Dr. D

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Gender Male
Race Human
Aura Type Magician
Essence 6
Primary Role Mage Healer
Secondary Role Caster/summoner
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:Vexaken
Street Cred 0


Loosely based on Dr Strange. Powerful healer, caster, and summoner.


  • Is a mind reader
  • was an actual surgeon
  • He lost his job working in the hospital
  • He hates working with unprofessional people

Notable Qualities

  • Trust Fund 1
  • Sinner national (UCAS)
  • Social appearance anxiety
  • Spirit Affinity man


Surgeon Dr. Deven Deviant life changed forever after a horrific car accident robbed him of the delicate use of his hands. His wife left him, and he lost his job. When traditional medicine fails him, he turns to magic for healing, and hope. A mysterious sea creature psychically teaches him the psionic arts. He quickly learns, and armed with newly acquired magical powers, is forced to choose whether to return to his life of fortune and status; or leave it all behind or to become a powerful sorcerer. Being used to working in the surgical environment he hates working with unprofessional people.

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: Tall Skinny Human with a confident gait. He has a goatee and moustach.
  • Astral form: A human figure made out of light.
  • Matrix persona: Dr. in Scrubs and surgical mask


He is highly driven but friendly and a bit of a trouble maker


He is working to be the most powerfel mage he could be and make a name for himself.

Automatic Stuff



Name: Sally Location: Seattle Relationship: Smuggler Connection: 3 Loyalty: 3 Metatype: Ork (Hobgoblin) Sex: Female Age: Middle-Aged Type of connection: Networking Personal Life: Unknown Preferred Payment: Hobbies/Vice: Cars

Enemies: none


  • Name': Francine Location: Seattle Relationship: Fixer

Connection: 2 Loyalty: 2 Metatype: Human Sex: Female Age: Unknown Type of connection: Legwork Personal Life: Unknown Preferred Payment: Credstick Hobbies/Vice: Cars

  • Name: "Mr. Johnson" Location: Seattle Relationship: Mr. Johnson

Connection: 2 Loyalty: 2 Metatype: Sex: Male Age: Type of connection: Personal Life: Unknown Preferred Payment: Credstick Hobbies/Vice:

  • Name: Sean Location: Seattle Relationship: Corporate Wage Slave

Connection: 1 Loyalty: 1 Metatype: Human Sex: Male Age: Young Type of connection: Personal Favors Personal Life: Divorced Preferred Payment: Credstick Hobbies/Vice: Family Obligations/Kids

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions

  • GM Bulldog
  • Suzuki Mirage
  • 2x MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone
  • MCT Fly-Spy
  • Cyberspace Designs Dalmation


  • Jessica Beaumont (4), UCAS


DateNameWorked With
29 July 2019Amendment, The SecondMiss Chief
Dr. D
Snow White
31 July 2019Babysitting DutyShiki
Dr. D


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Name: Dr. D

Chargen: Standard


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