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Hey! Welcome to A Light in the Dark. Want to get started and play shadowrun? It's easy! That's a lie, the shadowrun rules are gigantic -- but getting started here is easy.

If you never played Shadowrun before, here's a handy Player Guide (WIP)!

First of all, we've changed a few rules in big ways, mainly to make more character types fun to play. You can read about the changes here.

Second, you should come up with a character you want to play! Once you've made them (you should probably use Chummer or HeroLab), you'll want to make a wiki page; you can find the template and instructions here. Then submit your wiki page to the Chargen Subreddit.

Then you can app to runs!

You might also want to take a look at our Downtime Rules or the Code of Conduct, or if you feel especially brave the full rules document but we honestly don't recommend it; you can worry about downtime and training later, most people know how to behave, and the full rules document is mostly stuff you might want to look up ("does X stack with Y? How does this ability work in this weird obscure case...") rather than stuff you need to know in detail.

First Time Achievements!

In order to incentivize people and familiarize them with the concept of GMP (Game Master Points, which you can exchange for karma or nuyen at a rate of 3000nY or 1 karma per point), we've come up with a set of 'achievements' for some things you can do while playing in our Living Community. After you've gotten the taste for the GMP-drug and desperately need to scratch that itch further, worry not! You can earn plenty more by GMing.

  • 3 GMP - Go on your first run
  • 1 GMP - Build your first Contact
  • 1 GMP - Write your first narrative summary as a player on a run.
  • 1 GMP - Create the Wiki page for your first player character.