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|Date = 21 December 2019
|Date = 23 December 2019
|GM = user: Axiomshift
|GM = user: Axiomshift
|Runner1 = Omega
|Runner1 = Omega

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GM: user: Axiomshift Runners:
RVP: 14
Date: 23 December 2019

The runners were hired by Johnny Estacado to mess with the Yakuza operations on the docks. The runners found a likely looking suspect and around this time Ean had to drop from the run. The other two runners decided to try and torture the guy they had grabbed. This was noticed by the people in the crowded street. About the time that they had finished up extracting information and murdering the Yakuza a cop cruiser with two HTR members pulls up. They notice Omega and start somersaulting menacingly after him. Omega decided to lead the cops into a 3 way fight with the runners, the yaks, and the cops. This happened and a massive clusterfuck occurred. The fight ended in 1 dead HTR cop, and one critically wounded. The yaks all died and their safehouse was blown up. The runners were heavily beat up and barely escaped with their lives.

Bread and Circuses

Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law