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GM: user: Axiomshift Runners:
RVP: 11
Date: January 14th 2020

Runners were hired by a Horizon Johnson to extract a promising talent from Ares Global Media. The runners dug deep into the identity of the woman they were told to extract and found out that there was a ton of redacted security information about her, with black bars over almost all of the documents found. They also found a clip of her auditioning for a role in a Ares police show which showed her to be amazingly adept at actual police procedures. The runners confronted the Johnson about this and extracted a promise for a bit more help with their plan to host a fake audition and get the Ares lady to willingly extract to Horizon. The runners managed to get the Ares lady separated from her friends and convinced her to follow her dreams instead of working for Ares. They helped her to get to a meeting with the Horizon J who was able to recruit the Ares officer. A job well done.

Bread and Circuses

Star Filled Eyes