Chargen Rules

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Key things to remember

  • Acceptance is not guaranteed in any way.
  • Characters shouldn’t breach verisimilitude -- you should fit into the world.
  • Characters may be denied for reasons including but not limited to:
    • Rules illegalities
    • How well they fit the community
    • How much effort the player has invested in creating them
  • Characters that can be characterized as unconventional(SURGE & Shifters primarily, but it isn't a closed bracket) will be under additional scrutiny and liable to be denied, and we are not obligated to explain the reasons.
  • Take a look at the Gear Guide.
  • If you're using chummer, we have a set of amends that integrate our houserules and additions into chummer.

Character Tiers

All players have 3 tiered character slots, with each tier having slightly different character generation rules.

  • Premium: Sum-to-10 priority build using the "Prime Runner Play" rules on SR5 64. Or, you can use Sum-to-11 (but not the prime rules), but you get the extra karma(both the extra amount, and the positive and negative quality limits).
  • Standard: Sum-to-10 priority build using standard rules on SR5 65.
  • Scum: Special rules have been homebrewed for this level of play. Scum Priority Table Sum-To-10 character creation is allowed. Additionally, a Scum character can be created using a copy of this character sheet,or Chummer (where you can find most, but not all, of these scum rules implemented via amends). Additionally, the In Debt quality is banned until further notice (specifically for Scum characters).
  • Additional Character Slots: As the above, a player may choose to purchase additional character slots. Standard slots can be purchased at a rate of 15 + (slot number) * 5 gmp, so 20 for your first new slot, 25 for the one after, etc. Prime slots can be purchased at a rate of 90 + (slot number) * 10 gmp, so 100 for your first new slot, 110 for the one after, etc


Helping players create characters and then approving submissions is a lot of work and a fairly thankless task. Additionally, we want GMs to really know the characters in their runs so they can properly engage them and do justice to their individual story. As such, we considered limiting players to a single character slot.

Ultimately, this felt a bit too restrictive and many thought it would lead to everyone focusing on high powered play and avoiding more niche character concepts, so instead we created a tiered system. This hopefully reduces the number of "throw away" characters (since you only have a single slot in a sense- i.e. per tier) while also being useful for GMs hoping to run lower power games or even just to identify which players/characters are more focused on power.

Freaks and Weirdos

  • Metasapients, Shifters, Drake or SURGEd characters can only be created as a Retirement Character(at least one legacy point needed, however this use does not expend it).
  • AI are banned.
  • Infected, toxic awakened, blood magic and dissonant technos are banned.
  • You must be able to buy at least a single hit in etiquette, especially if your character is particularly unusual or menacing.
  • Be plausible in-setting. Capable of walking to a Stuffer Shack/Walmart and buying a soykaf without getting called a monster and/or gunned down by law enforcement in the process.

Rules Clarifications

  • You can spend skill points on specializations for skills bought with karma.
  • You can take essence holes at-gen.
  • You cannot initiate/submerge at-gen.


These are not hard and fast rules, but you should keep them in mind.

  • Characters with multiple 1s in attributes that aren't augmented are unlikely to be approved.
  • Qualities that require extra chargen work (like Amnesia) are unlikely to be approved, or may take a very long time.
  • Characters without a lifestyle near or quick transportation to the current popular run locations will have a rough time or may not get picked.
  • Your character should have licenses for R rated items they own, and must have a SIN assigned to their lifestyle (barring a Low or lower lifestyle in places with high SINless density.)