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Gender Male
Race Human, UCAS
Aura Type Adept
Essence 1.5
Primary Role Sharpshooter Adept
Secondary Role Charming personality
Character Sheet Joker's sheet
Player User: Clappin Hams
Street Cred 0


A former Ares Firewatch sniper, gone into hiding to escape the Bugpocalypse surging through Ares. Looking to regroup with other ares firewatch members.



Ex-Ares Firewatch

Still has records on file. (Bastards missed a spot)

Probably, definitely, wanted by Ares.

Notable Qualities

Consummate professional: Despite his jocular nature, the man is tight-lipped about his jobs and knows when to put on the game face, so to speak.

Moderate Wheat Allergy: Him and anything wheat based, do not mix.

No Man Left Behind: He won't leave anyone behind on a job. Not so much his own personal idea, but at this point, the idea of leaving a teammate behind causes him minor discomfort.

Signature: It's his own little calling card. Something he adopted and put into practice after finding shelter in the shade. A simple ace of spades from a card deck, with a hole shot through the middle.


Former Ares Firewatch operative Blair Adler is a man on the run. Should have ran sooner, when he saw the first new guard animal. Animal Flesh form insect spirits. He stuck around, because he was assured and reassured that they were under complete control of the insect spirits and the shamans. And why doubt his family? But things went downhill pretty damn quick, people started to act....strange. Then the purges came. Hostile take over by the bugs?

Man didn't know. Couldn't afford the time to think as he got in touch with a few contacts, had them funnel a portion of his retirement funds into an off-shore account and ultimately used the rest to go to ground, erased as much of his tracks as he could and when he ran out of money, went into debt just to ensure it was as clean as possible. Even getting a new identity. He got his runner name from his less than amused fixer for his habit of cracking jokes and witticisms. Not his fault the man can't take a joke.

Now, he's just working on rebuilding and regrouping with anyone from ares that's not been bugged.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Joker is a rather tall specimen of a man. Standing at 6'4" and weighing in at a staggering 240 lbs, most of which is machinery. The man behind the shadowrunner is certainly an intimidating presence to behold, almost a stereotypical example of tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome with high, gaunt cheekbones and a thick lawn of stubble that paints a rather grim expression, almost like a skull minus the lower jaw while Blue eyes, glowing with an inner mechanical light seems to pierce right into whoever happens to have his attention at that time. A stickler for appearance, Joker keeps his head of black hair neat and tidy, cut somewhat short with a widows peak, while accentuating his form with long coats, sunglasses, black leather gloves, baggy pants and sturdy boots. Which all seems to follow a certain trend with the cyborg, one that's pretty simple even. He's hiding himself from prying eyes.

One could simply call this self-consciousness, embarrassment or maybe, he's even ashamed at what's become of him. Over half of his body, sixty five percent to be precise, has been replaced with cybernetics, sleek black replicas of the original limbs he once possessed. He's almost all cybernetics save for his heart, lungs, brain, eyes, spine, most of his skin and some glands. Though, even those have been modified and enhanced to some degree. He's highly sophisticated in appearance, high tech, a near perfect copy of who he was before his training accident, including his penchant for drooling in his sleep.

  • Astral form: None Documented.
  • Astral signature: None Documented.
  • Matrix persona: Same as his meat-space appearance, but wearing a viking helmet.
  • Styles and symbols known for:


Friendly, outgoing, something of a hopeful pessimist and always loves to crack a joke. Be it for the sake of being funny, or cracking wit at an enemies expense. The man always tries to make light of a bad situation. Sometimes with a hint of menace in his words.


Bug stompin

Upgrading his ware.

Finding other, still sane, not bugified, Firewatch members.

Figure out what the frag to do about Ares.

Make money to support self.

Pay off debts.

Help those with similar desires.


John Hardy, UCAS

Augmentations, Adept License, Weapon License, Bounty hunter's License, Driver's License, Restricted Armor License.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Dr. Spicy Steve1
Mr. Talos1
Trinity West1

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
8 February 2020The Polar Assassination: ReduxLa Cazadora
25 June 2020Biohazard 3Saunak
Pale Rider
22 July 2020Black Star: Incoming TransmissionMarlee
Southern Comfort


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Name: Blair Adler

Chargen: Prime

Awakened: Awakened