La Cazadora

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Gender Female
Race Human
Aura Type Aspected
Essence 6
Primary Role Occult Investigator
Secondary Role Face
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:NotSoSerious
Street Cred 0


An astral investigator who specializes in helping spiritual problems. Spiritual problems referring to the creatures from another world. Having been deeply hurt by the interference of spirits in human life, she now lives a burnt out and hollow existence, despising the magic that burnt her life away, and the magic she now relies on to survive.


  • Fled from homeland in Aztlan due to a spirit that claimed her home.
  • Lives a burnt out and hollow existence, using drugs and alcohol to numb her sense of emptiness.
  • Has an instintive drive to help those who have been afflicted by magical problems.
  • Lives with a hooker who is employed by the Mafia.

Notable Qualities

  • Moderately addicted to Bliss.
  • Poor Self Control (Compulsive 2, Personal) (Thinking Out Loud)00


Maria never had any interest in the mystic arts. She was content to live a quiet life, with family and loved ones, meeking out a quiet existence in a rural prarie in Aztlan. However, in this case, magic was not willing to live and let live, as it began creeping into her life. Slowly at first, when she was in her late teens, and started to see movement in the shadows. Hear voices under the bed. Whispers from the other side. Brief flashes of another world, that would be gone before she could properly look.

Unknown to those who lived in Maria's household, their home had been marked at the territory of a spirit on the Astral Plane. They might have gone their entire lives without ever knowing, only noticing machines moving on their own or strange sounds here and there. They might have assumed it was ghosts of dead ancestors, or the wind. However, the spirit's presence awakened young Maria's latent magical talent. When she began astral perceiving, she became aware of the spirit. And subsequently, the spirit became aware of her and her family. Seeing the family home as encroaching on its territory, the spirit manifested and destroyed the home in fire. Maria alone was able to flee, and began living on the trail. Far away from Aztlan, far away from her homeland. Far away from the memories there. Traveling along smuggler routes, as she learned more about her power. And how to harnass it. And how to use it to survive.

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: Pale of skin, with dark black hair and world-weary blue eyes. Unless working the charm, Maria has a look of being perpetually tired and melancholy. Generally disinterested, morose, and walking with poor posture.
  • Astral form: A crystal clear image.
  • Matrix persona: Default.


Melancholy, embittered, and tired. Maria was burned by magic and left almost completely burnt out, having difficulty feeling much of anything about anything. Her eyes were forced open to the astral, and now she indulges in numerous vices in the hopes of blocking it out and forgetting it. The only flashes of feeling she has comes from her deep sense of compassion for the afflicted, and she will go to great lengths to help those that she is able to.


For the most part, Maria drifts through life, only surviving and taking large amounts of drugs and alcohol in order to escape her worries. However, her blood can still get boiling when it comes to people in need. Especially involving those who are having problems with magical elements not willing to leave them alone.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


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15 November 2020Here Kitty KittySaunak
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Name: La_Cazadora

Chargen: Scum