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Gender Female
Race Oni, German
Aura Type Adept
Essence 5.06
Primary Role Kung-FU Fighting
Secondary Role Noodle
Character Sheet Character Sheet
Player User: Clappin Hams
Street Cred 0


An up and coming fighter, looking to make it big in the mixed martial arts scene.

Tropes She don't look like much and that's the first mistake people make. Looks like a waif, hits like a truck. Hyperactive like a coked up hummingbird.


Looks like a human trying to pose as an oni, when she's really an oni that's aiming to pass off as a human.

Will never not say no to a proper fist fight.

She likes to hit things, doubly so for any kind of job that requires her to hit things.

Notable Qualities

  • Mild dust allergy
  • Poor self control: Thrill seeker
  • Moderate fear of needles
  • Mild Fear of Stairs and steep slopes
  • Moderate Alcohol Allergy
  • Human-looking


The corporation get's what the corporation wants. If they wanted you to learn a certain skillset, you learned it. If they thrust a book in front of you, you read it. But proteus was worse. It selected before you were even born, really. Combination of eugenics and genetic tweaking to further optimize the desirable traits while diminishing the negatives. You know. Typical corp abominations against morals.

Abigail was born the only child of a Japanese woman and a German male, both of them born in the arkoblock off the north American coast. The woman a corporate Manager, the man; a commander in the Proteus HTR Team and from there, her life was a series of books, skills and monthly, totally not suspicious, check-ups from men in clean white lab coats. Jotting down things in their commlinks and giving faint little nods. Her whole life seemed to be on rails, always gently prodded away from things that went against the plans of Proteus, always towards things they planned out for her. She was schooled nearly her whole life on security tactics, on how to protect stuffy vip's in their stuffy suits. Practically groomed towards this goal, but never really latching onto it. Always longing for more in her life than just the Arcology, with the only break-up of tedium coming from learning how to fight and disable targets and surprisingly, languages. Things she took to like a fish to water. But she felt a need to be out, stir-crazy even, to escape and live her own life. See how the other side does it for a change, the less fortunate, as she's heard it put so many times.

Just had to talk to the right people, use some of the bleed off she'd learned; a little bit of wordplay here, some fast talk there. It took some time, but it paid off in that she found a way out of the Arcology. A smuggler and sort of an inside man. She struck a deal with him. Put her into a pretty hefty level of debt, but getting away from here? Small price to pay, having to use greed as a motivator. But he gave her a discount towards the Seattle sprawl. Only had to pay off thirty seven thousand and change.

So they shipped her off out to Seattle, stuffed in a crate, hauled into the hull of a cigarette boat and sped off to meet with the man's contact on the outside to discuss payment plans. After a brief renegotiation, involving at least one man getting implanted in the hood of a jackrabbit by a glowing berserker with a twitching, glowing oni mask over her own visage. She was offered a position by an acquisitive, maybe even nervous man as an enforcer, to help pay off her debt. Call him an opportunist or a smart coward, but when a relatively normal looking, albeit very blue girl, flares to life with magic and damn near impales a car with them. You take the chance.

Smart man.

So she did that for a few months, maybe a year, chipping away at her debt, breaking legs when she had to and generally, doing things you'd expect of hired muscle. Call her a simple girl, but she really did enjoy the brief chaotic periods of fighting, especially when gangers came knocking. So she packed up her things and looked towards the guiding light of the shadows to find what she's missing in her life.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Abigail looks less like the oni she is, and more like a relatively average human girl of German-Japanese descent, albeit with shockingly blue skin, amber yellow eyes and long Black hair fading into white; with a notable lack of tusks and two dark cobalt blue horns.
  • Astral form: She appears as herself, but with a pair of pronounced horns, tusks and wearing a hannya mask possessing a third eye in the forehead that occasional twitches and looks about.
  • Astral signature:
  • Matrix persona: A stylized anime chibi of herself wearing a pair of sparring gloves with a bandage over her nose.
  • Styles and symbols known for: Her dark blue skin-tone


Abigail is a literal font of energy, a being tapped into the land of indefinite sugar rushes. In short, she's hyperactive and fidgety. She always tries to be helpful and dislikes busybodies. Loves partaking in fights from street brawls, to sparring and everything in between.


Short term: Learn how to dance, make friends/comrades, learn how to shadowrun.

Long term: Make a name for herself in the martial arts world, become a hall of famer.


Rachel Aoi Ishikawa

Blunt weapons License, Adept License, Concealed Carry permit, Driver's License, Firearm's License, Restricted armor license, Restricted Bioware license.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Mr. Munson1
Red Feather 51
Belle Hart1
Dr. Spicy Steve2

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
12 June 2019Pop and Lock 'em UpKilljoy
Rin Chiyome
29 February 2020Beating the OddsJagganoth
8 March 2020Mayday, Mayday, MaydayPerzeval
Rin Chiyome
10 March 2020Hard Targets: Naomi (run)Check


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Name: Abigail Yamazaki

Chargen: Prime

Awakened: Awakened