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Commonly Used Links

Template:ShadowrunAAR - For when you need to post a run report

Rules Summary - Overview of rules changes we've made on this LC, so you don't need to read the big rules doc.

Chummer Amends - A set of custom data files to make our houserules and additions work with chummer.

Rules Clarifications - General Rules document, the collected changes and clarifications we've made to the system.

Additions rules for new things we've added to the system

Downtime & Contact Rules - How the Downtime and Contact system work on this community.

Character Page Generator - Sheet that helps you make a characters wiki page.

Character Template - For making a custom player character wiki entry

Runs For GMs - Premade adventures for any GM to run.

Custom Drug Rules and Custom Drug Spreadsheet

The Habits of Highly Effective Shadowrunners, Or: How Not To Get Eaten By A Dragon

Guide to Roll20 Macros for Shadowrun

New Member Info

Government and Rules

The Dark Codex

Developing the Wiki

Wiki Manuals