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Gender Female
Race Human
Aura Type Technomancer
Essence 6
Primary Role Technomancer
Secondary Role Rigger
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:NotSoSerious
Street Cred 0


A Technomancer rockstar with a habit for anarchy, and a score to settle with the corps that run the world. Does her part to fight the good fight on the Matrix by commanding an army of Sprites.


  • Parents died as a result of corporations trying to take advantage of her technomancer abilities.
  • Done some jail time for anarchist activities.
  • Desires to destroy the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank, which would destroy the worth of Nuyen.
  • Anarchist, borderline domestic terrorist.

Notable Qualities

  • Prejudiced (Radical, Common)(Big Ten)
  • SINner (Criminal)
  • Resonant Stream: Technoshaman
  • Technomancer


When she was young, her parents thought they were imaginary friends. She would see the streams of data in the air, conjure up sprites to play with, and mess with the ebb and flow of this world in her head. It wasn't until she started learning how to use it that the trouble started.

Growing up in the suburbs of downtown Seattle, life wasn't all that bad for her family. But when her affinity for Technomancy started to reveal itself around adolescence, she was suddenly on the radar of the corporations. The first approaches were friendly; come work for Horizon, Saeder-Krupp, MCT, etc. You can get started on the career track now, with a free Corporate SIN and college education. Her parents turned them down. And then the offers started becoming less friendly. Their jobs couldn't keep them, the school decided she was too much of a risk to other students, the rent has gone up. Basic necessities became a struggle to afford. Eventually, her parents weren't able to pay and they were forced into the streets. They died not long after. Leaving Pandora all alone with her sprites, and her grudge.

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: Pale skin, with dark black hair and a mischevious, occasionally deranged look in her eyes. Generally disinterested in appearance, always wearing whatever clothes she has incorrectly.
  • Astral form: A crystal clear image.
  • Matrix persona: An attractive devil girl with wide, dark wings and surrounded by fire.


Mischevious and chaotic. Pandora was burned by the corporations and sociatal order, and seeks to replace the established order with chaos. Friendly, for the most part, to her allies, and generally not hurting others unless they've committed some kind of perceived slight against her. However, she is driven in her desire for an anarchist society, and is willing to accept casualties.


Pandora has the long term goal of destroying the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank, the hub of all the world's Nuyen, destruction of which would effectively end Nuyen as a currency and remove the Big Ten's ability to fund all their operations. However, this is a goal so far off that she isn't even sure how she'll go about it, and for now, is just focused on gathering resources and making trouble along the way.

Automatic Stuff


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Enemies: None


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DateNameWorked With
22 February 2020Gotta Be the First!Huskarl
22 March 2020UnRakuPerzeval
10 April 2020National Hooding Day 2082: Measuring Success By The Size Of The ExplosionSlink
17 April 2020Mystery Run 0003: Factory ResetPandora
30 April 2020Mystery Run 0007: Coolant Is MalfunctioningMirai
14 August 2020Tricks of the TradePandora
Pale Rider
19 February 2021Papa RunsPandora


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Name: Pandora

Chargen: Standard