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Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Aura Type Technomancer
Essence 6
Primary Role Decker
Secondary Role Rigger/Wheelman
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:SinisterZinn
Street Cred 0


Ex-military dwarf, disgraced and left for dead after a routine op went south


  • Mechanic for a Seattle shop, called Drohnen und Fahrzeuge
  • Has a vendetta against a elf officer in SK that is responsible for the death of his A-TOM teammates
  • Is indebted to the social clique of dwarfs responsible for his escape from the AGS

Notable Qualities

  • Day Job (level 2, for the shop mentioned in Hook 1)
  • Phobia (Common, Mild) (Drowning) anything deeper than a bathtub will pull out this particular quality


Corp Wage Slaves (Dad was a low end manager for Wernike (subsidiary of Ruhrmetall), Mother was a Quality Assurance tester for L'Oreal)

while not always the most supportive of their Matrix obsessed son, Mr and Mrs. Schmidt tolerated their son's eccentricities until Crash 2.0 where they forced him to learn a trade instead of messing around on the 'Trix. He had a gift for mechanical repairs, and so was set to work in Wernike in a different section from his father. This continued for a few years until he reached 21 and had to serve his mandatory military sentence. During training sim rigs had an odd habit of burning out when used by Richter, when it was found that he was subconsciously shorting them out since he hated the fit of them. His time in the military tempered his quick to anger/rebellious streak, he found companion ship with a few of his fellows and when they were selected for additional training, Richter 'fixed' it so that he was suggested for the same, which was how he ended up in an ATO-M unit of the BSG. On a routine mission, from a newly elected elven officer, to investigate the sewers within a section of SOX they saved a girl from ghouls, only for their original target to detonate a lock and flood the area while pinning them down with turret fire. Richter and crew were left for dead, but he managed to send out a distress call before their comms got silenced by their officer. He woke up 3 months later, indebted to the same clique of dwarf's whom he'd worked under before his stent in the military

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: Above average height for a dwarf at 1.2m (3'10), though still retaining their stocky build at 60kg(133lbs). His black hair is still trimmed short and his beard kept within regulation standards for dwarf. The calluses on his hands, and weathering on his face, suggest long hours at hard labor though it doesn't hide the spark of intelligence within his dark brown eyes.
  • Astral form: n/a
  • Matrix persona: A heavily machined/armored bipedal walker with reverse joint legs, equipped with a missile pod on the right shoulder as well as an assortment of weapons ranging from a suitably sized combat knife to a large rail gun on its back. Its usual armament is a 40mm semi-auto assault cannon. His 'marks' show up as red targeting reticules





Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
5 June 2019Finding a Match (run)Kiki
Miss Chief
10 June 2019A Friendly ChatJazz
30 June 2019Está VolaoJazz


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Name: Richter

Chargen: Sum to 11