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Gender Male
Race Elf+
Aura Type Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Blade Adeot
Secondary Role Sneaky bugger
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:Mishima
Street Cred 0


Rescued Tir na nOg bioware project baby grows and turns into an awakened shadowrunner.


  • Knows quite a few of his ork dad's old crew, though most of them are out of the game and he doesn't keep in very close contact these days.
  • Might be looking to hunt down one member, but Humanis in general is always on his shit list.
  • Summer is a little rebellious, proud and thinks she can take care of herself. Those things aren't always true.
  • Who are his parents? What exactly was going on with him while he was a baby in Tir na nOg? Both questions he doesn't have answers to.

Notable Qualities

  • Dependant: Summer M'Whannan. Not his blood daughter, but a sixteen year old human girl he took in off the street.
  • Tough and Targeted. Because when you're really good at what you do and you boast about it, people tend to think taking you down will get them cred.
  • Poor Self control: Braggart. Hey, he only speaks the truth.
  • Wanted: Tir na nOg. It's been a long time but yeah, he figures he's still technically somone's property.


Once upon a time in Tir na nOg, there was a bio-project going on. The details are pretty secret and pretty hazy, but an Ork Runner from Scotland named Countdown and his team were hired by a mysterious suit type to extract an elven infant from a dacility within the Tir. After the job was complete though Countdown began to have second thoughts about turning the baby ove to the shifty suit, and so fled Europe with the kid in tow. He relocated to Seattle and raised the elf as his own son. Which was fitting, because this particular elf was far from normal, bonded to a bunch of geneware and bioware as if it was natural, and with a growth cycle closer to a troll than an elf or even an Ork. Growing up Sinless has it's struggles of course, but it's a bit better when you Awaken and your adoptive father is an ex-runner whom nobody fucks with. At least that was the case, but after a racially motivated mob hit their block in the Barrens, Countdown was killed. And Vergil recognized his killer, another neighbourhood kid named Troy Pearson. He's with humanis now, figures. So as the years passed and Vergil was on his own, he figured he'd get into shadowrunning. there didn't seem to be a better way for someone like him to make money.

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: Stupidly tall and stacked for an elf, probably could go into modeling if he found the right agent. Still retains enough of those fine elven features about his face to make him pretty damn handsome, though there is a long scar over his nose and upper cheeks that might detract from that a bit.
  • Astral form: A fair adonis-like humanoid with a stag's head and antlers.
  • Matrix persona: A tall individual, armored like a highland warrior with a large stag fur on his back, a fur hood shielding his features a crown of stag horns on his head and a claymore strapped to his back.


Overall trying to do the right thing, but can be a bit of a braggart and an ass.


Mostly money, but takes a special interest in social issues and people he likes of course.

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Enemies: None


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Name: Riven

Chargen: Prime