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Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Aura Type


"n/a" is not in the list (Mundane, Adept, Magician, Mystic Adept, Technomancer, Aspected, Explorer) of allowed values for the "Has aura" property.
Essence 0.69
Primary Role Street Sam
Secondary Role n/a
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:Baratonio
Street Cred 0


Australian Dwarf slices his way through life


  • Brother still alive, no idea where he is
  • Also represses all thoughts of his brother
  • Government of Australia thinks hes dead
  • Pet Crocodile

Notable Qualities

  • Restricted Gear
  • Big Regret
  • Computer illiterate
  • In Debt (1)


Sheilo lived a quiet life in Australia with his parents and brother. One day while shopping in Kong-Walmart, his parents attempted to shoplift. This was punished with lethal force, and they were killed in front of his eyes. Sheilo ran out of the store in shock and straight into the australian outback. Disappearing for years, the Australian government declared him deceased, as the paracritters out there were sure to kill him. Sheilo barely survived, living off the land and using his natural abilities to fend off most opposition. It was at this time that he met his pet crocodile, Paulie. Paulie was injured and being toyed with by a pack of storm dolphins. Unable to leave the crocodile to his fate, Sheilo caused a distraction with a boomerang to lead the dolphins away. Once the coast was clear, he carried the croc away and tended to his wounds. After another couple of years surviving in the outback with Paulie, they became a proper duo. Sheilo had begun wandering the streets of local cities in the night, making money by getting invovled with criminal activity. He eventually met his fixer, who called himself Crocodile Dundee, who promised him a comfortable life in Seattle if he began taking jobs as a shadowrunner. Sheilo didn't have many other skills, so he accepted. After many missions and dangerous encounters, he now makes a decent living off of running in Seattle, although he has repressed the thoughts of his brothers after so many years.

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: An incredibly hairy dwarf wearing sunglasses and a hawaiian shirt. In combat, ideally is wearing full body armor with tohahawks and boomerangs strapped to it
  • Astral form: n/a
  • Matrix persona: n/a


Impolite and crude, but not straight up mean. Will definitely buy you a beer after breaking your jaw


Take care of his pet crocodile.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions







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Name: Sasquatch

Chargen: Prime