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Run AAR instructions

Make a wiki page for your run. Just navigate to "thedark.run/RUN_NAME" where RUN_NAME is the name of your run, and click "create page" when prompted.

Copy the following template and paste it in:

|Date =
|GM = 
|Runner1 =
|Runner2 =
|Runner3 =
|Runner4 =
|RVP = 
|Summary =

(You can add additional runners, up to Runner10)

Now, fill in the form you copy/pasted. Here's an example:

|Date = 17 October 2017
|GM = User:AfroNin
|Runner1 = Actaeon 
|Runner2 = Hot Sauce
|Runner3 = Loop
|Runner4 = Mutt
|RVP = 6
|Summary = The runners were hired by [[Johnson::Chester]] to deal with a cult called the Last Jedi, who were led by [[NPC:: Qui-Gin John]].  The Last Jedi were at [[Location::Marko's Mysticalities]] in the [[Location::Redmond Barrens]], when the runners came in and killed them and bombed the location.

The Type::Thing construction (like, Johnson::Chester signifies that Chester, the thing, is a Johnson, the type) works for a lot of stuff, but please especially try to tag the Johnson, any important NPCs, and any Locations where notable things happened. You do not have to make the pages for these people: the wiki will automatically create their pages once we get some more tech working.

If you want, you can also add extra fields to the template, like rumors and other details that can make the shared history of the living community richer. But you don't have to!

GM: {{{GM}}} Runners:
  • {{{Runner1}}}
RVP: {{{RVP}}}
Date: {{{Date}}}