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The wiki serves two purposes. One is to aid administrivia by being a centralized location for rules and department documents. Each department can go about handling that as they see fit though collaboration is certainly useful. The second, and arguably more important, purpose is to serve as a repository of information about our shared setting. This aspect deserves more attention as by leveraging the abilities of a semantic wiki, we can create something truly great.

The following are some proposals on the sort of information we want to have, the details of which will be fleshed out and revised over time.

Intended Audience

It's important to always keep in mind the intended audience when designing and improving the wiki. Currently the focuses are:

  • GMs looking over apps and thus wanting to know more about the characters
  • GMs designing runs and brainstorming plot hooks
  • Players looking for AAR and roleplay fodder
  • Perspective new players interested in finding out more about our community



Essentially this acts as the AAR.


  • Date and time completed
  • Run result (succeded/failed, johnson paid/betrayed runners/betrayed by runners)
  • Johnson (are they still alive and other key details)
  • Major locations involved
    • Objective facts of what happened there
    • Rumors of what people think happened there (who thinks that and who started them, how can others find out this info, and maybe why they think that)
    • Example: The Stuffer Shack host was hacked and the owners know that something was hacked. Rumors say that it was a hit by dissonant Technomancers.
  • Who was on the run
    • What were their expenditures, drug use, and rewards


  • Date ranged took place
  • Other characters involved (ie. interesting npcs and organizations)
    • How were they involved / what happened to them
    • Changes in relationships between characters (eg. contact chips, affiliations)
  • Suggested run hooks
  • Character specific notes
  • In character commentary (presumably based on rumors)
  • Information on how characters could find out more about the run (maybe suggested legwork mechanisms and thresholds)
  • Media articles

Player Characters

  • Player editable but with lots of automation by pulling in from other pages
  • Link to character sheet
  • Summary with real name, basic info, goals
    • Picture?
    • Add run hooks here (tagged and somewhat concise)
  • Background with far more extensive information on backstory
  • Motivations and detailed explanation of goals
    • More run hooks here and in more detail
  • In-character comments (maybe throughout the page on side bars?)
    • IC "wall"?
  • SINs (auto-generated, include player's note, if any)
  • Run history (auto-generated, include character specific notes)
  • Automatic listing of plot relevant qualities, race, and various things from character sheet
  • Info on downtime usage and records (probably at the bottom, or maybe just link to separate page)


Much of this is automatically pulled in via inline semantic queries.

  • Maybe more free form stuff that players can play around with and we can standardize later based on what works well
  • What do matrix searches, shadow community checks, and rumors turn up
  • Notable techniques the character is famous for
  • Notable items the player possesses (named weapons, decks, etc)
  • News reports relating to the player
  • IC shadow community comments
  • Great deeds, titles


  • Meat, Matrix (persona), Astral (astral form, sig)
  • Any styles or symbols associated with you


  • Contacts
  • Allies, Enemies
  • Characters they've run with
  • Organizations (member of, known to, otherwise dealt with)

Tech Spec

These are the relevant subjects and their properties


Inlined into a Run page via Template:Rumor or defined in its own separate page, prefixed by Rumors/

  • said about :: Thing
  • said what :: Text
  • said by :: Character
  • said via :: Matrix Search, Shadow Community, News
  • threshold :: Number (roughly how many hits needed)
  • accuracy :: Number (Is this a truth, a lie, or something inbetween? Percentage of truthfulness, but usually 0 or 100)
  • said when :: Date


Inlined into the Quote Box page via Template:Quote

  • said about :: Thing
  • said what :: Text
  • said by :: Character | Player
  • said when :: Date


Defined in its own page within Category:Techniques

  • invented by :: Character
  • made famous by :: Character


Defined in its own page within Category:SINs

  • SIN Type :: Corporate Full | Corporate Limited | Criminal | National
  • SIN Rating :: 1..6 | Real
  • issued by :: Organization | Corporation | Nation
  • owned by :: Character


Defined in its own page within Category:Items

  • possessed by :: Character


Defined in its own page within Category:Bounties

  • issued by :: Player
  • has reward :: Number (GMP)
  • date issued :: Date
  • date expires :: Date
  • bounty status :: Not Taken | Claimed
  • bounty shortdesc :: Text




(TODO)Majority of run events should be described as rumors for what happened and what people think happened.

  • has name :: Text
  • completed on :: Date
  • gm :: Player
  • karma reward :: Number (approx base reward, individual characters might differ)
  • nuyen reward :: Number (approx base reward, individual characters might differ)
  • had runner :: Character
  • had character :: Character
  • located at :: Location (separate page or subobject for minor places)


  • has name :: Text
  • location desc :: Text (short description you'd see if you click the map pin)
  • located at :: Geocoordinates


  • ally of :: Character
  • enemy of :: Character

Player Character

Everything from Character plus these

  • played by :: Player

Non-Player Character

Everything from Character plus these

  • owned by :: Player (the GM who owns this NPC)


Everything from Non-Player Character plus these

  • base cost :: Number
  • base connection :: Number
  • base loyalty :: Number
  • owned by :: Player | Lore Department (NET contacts owned by Lore Department instead of a player)


Inlined into a Character page via Template:Connection

  • contact to :: Contact
  • contact of :: Character
  • loyalty :: Number
  • connection :: Number (maybe don't use this if all contacts are shared anyways)